Five questions to Liam Roberts

Five questions to Liam Roberts

Liam Roberts is an award-winning artist from Cheltenham, UK, dedicated to creating harmonious geometric forms. His background in design helps him to create visually pleasing, carefully constructed, and balanced abstract artworks that appeal to a sense of order and structure while maintaining an element of playfulness. Liam´s artwork is focused on exploring aspects of the human experience, whether that be the physical spaces we occupy or the way we behave and interact with the world around us, through his abstract wood reliefs, paintings and prints.How did you get into art?

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember but the first time I felt a real excitement for art was in primary school. We were looking at the inspirational work of Clarice cliff, the pottery designer and we created works of our own having learnt about her fantastic bold and colourful designs. This really captured my young imagination and gave me that first desire to create.

Growing up, I decided I wanted to pursue creativity as a career and went to university to become a designer were i developed my love of simplicity and distilling an idea into its simplest form. Through being a designer for many years, i also realised that i needed a creative outlet that was singularly my own, allowing me to explore ideas away from client relationships which is what became my art. Now i continue to work in both areas, both benefitting from the work undertaken in the other disicpline creating a balance between them.

How would you describe your style? What makes your art special?

The style in which my work gets categorised is geometric abstract, minimalism and hardedge, however I feel that my work has aspects of all these but none of them are entirely descriptive of it. I believe what makes my work special is my use of shape and form to give structure but also dynamism in a playful and hopefully surprising way. I also put a great deal of attention and care into colour choices or absense thereof to enhance an artwork.How do you go about developing your work?

I usually note down shapes and colours as I see them creating a montage of a place, moment or a feeling. I will then experiment with these shapes and colors until a composition emerges as unique. Then I decide on the format based on the composition or what im trying to say about the experience.Who or what influences you? 

I really like the work of Joseph Albers, specifically his work with colour. I also love the art work of Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson and the designer Wim Crouwell. They all play with shapes and form in a way that I feel holds a balance and dynamism and therefore holds my attention like no other works can.

What are you planning to do next?

The majority of my wood relief artworks have been single colour over the past few years and I have recently started explore the world of colour with this format of works which excites me a great deal. I also plan to explore sculpture away from the wall which may open up some new forms.Instagram