"Origami light 31"
"Origami light 31"

Tola Navarro

"Origami light 31"

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"Origami light 31" Acrylic spray-paint on 200g paper, 2022
Size: 35 x 25 cm
Shipping: 10 business days

Tola Navarro

Tola Navarro, born in 1984 in Caracas, Venezuela, is the grandson of a sculptor and the son of a Chilean poet. He has a degree in Architecture with a minor in Art History from the Universidad del Desarrollo.

Inspired by the manipulation of paper to create three dimensional forms, Tola’s work captures shapes the history of the paper, like a fossil or a photograph, creating a geometric yet organic record of its past form. The abstract lines and shapes create a variety of visual paths for the eye to follow, so each viewer can make their own way through the composition.

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